Ceud Mile Failte do Eadar-lion.com

scots gaelic for 'internet'

A bheil thu a' gearraidh email le d'ainm is 'eadar-lion.com'?Sin a tha seo dhut.

How would you like to have your personalised email address with 'eadar-lion.com'?

Search for your name and subdomain. Are they are still available?
We operate strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. So if someone else registers your name first, we're sorry.

What we're offering

For 10 per year, we will create and maintain YOUR .com or .net email address ie. YOURNAME@EADAR-LION.COM, in any of the above formats.
For 8 - the .co.uk
For 15 - have a .com and the .co.uk versionAnd for 20 - have all 3 = .com .net and .co.uk versions.

What you get with each registration?

Email: yourname@eadar-lion.com eg. seoras@eadar-lion.com

You get a subdomain set to the same extension as the email address you register.
For example, register seamus@air-an-lion.co.uk and we'll also set up 10MB of webspace at www.seamus.air-an-lion.co.uk

For more information email us as: brian + eadar-lion.com replacing + with @

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